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For Ruger P85, P89 9mm
For Ruger P85, P89 9mm

When firing a modern pistol, the slide flies backward at great speed, and then comes to an immediate stop against the frame during recoil. This force and impact to the frame is constantly weakening the slide and vibrating the internal parts, causing cracks and malfunction and turning movements in the shooters wrist. This sudden impact causes a violent muzzle jump which temporarily throws the gun off target and upwards, causing a need for dual-action buffers.

Our Frame-Saver Dual Action Recoil Springs offer these advantages:

  • Impact: The elimination of the slide impacting the frame at high speed preserves the structure of the firearm - and your rather significant investment!
  • Muzzle Control: By changing the final backward movement of the slide from a sudden stop to a progressive stop, muzzle jump is greatly decreased by 40% giving you more control.
  • Function: No interference of ejection port or any feeding problems.
  • Progressive: This is a system designed to reduced the backward motion of the slide in progressive stages after the gun is shot. The effect of this system is that the recoil is reduced by 40% making your follow up shots much easier to shoot. This is a VERY effective system.
  • Stability: Better stability for your barrel. Stainless steel guide rod replaces plastic guide rods for superior barrel support and function.
  • Better Accuracy: Progressively slows down your slide from heavy impact against the frame. Works just like a car shock absorber, reducing the slide impact. Lower impact means less recoil, accurate recovery of the weapon for on-target accuracy is better achieved, shot after shot. Even expert shooters can benefit from lower recoil.
  • Lower Frame Shock: The slide is one of the heaviest components in a semi-automatic pistol. Upon firing, the slide slams back with great energy against the frame. Frame Saver Dual Actions springs can lower this slide impact dramatically, preventing excessive wear, cracked slides and damaged frames, particularly on modern polymer framed pistols such as glocks, Sigmas & HKs.
  • Drop In Fit: Direct replacement for your factory spring assembly. No modifications required.


Please Note: The Government 1911 Spring also fits the 1991 A1, Springfield, Kimber Para-Ordnance, Auto-Ordnance and clones.

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Price: $64.99

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